The Six Areas of Leadership Capacity Development



Often the needs of the business end up controlling  the leader rather that the leader being able to lead. The ‘Business’ of Business becomes the ‘Busyness’ of Business. The Business and the leader both need to stay healthy.

We help clarify the purpose for both . Exit and Succession planning  is a natural outcome from clarifying personal and business purposes.



Business programs need to be reviewed consistently to ensure that they are they still aligned to the vision and strategy, within the context of anticipated change in the market rather that in reaction to it.

We can help clarify with you where your efforts  are positioned and look at strategy options to ensure you lead change in the market.



Staff issues including hiring, management, staff effectiveness and efficiency, staff morale and culture all affect performance but also the enjoyment the ministry team experiences. Staff need to be aligned to the purpose, values and plan of the business.

We can help identify issues, prioritize and develop action plans for change in these areas.



Policies, Procedures, Tasks, WHS, Quality Assurance and Environmental plans can all be automated and when well documented will provide greater value for the business , as well as creating greater efficiencies as the policies and procedures are aligned to the business purpose.

We can help you automate these areas.



Profit (surplus from operations), revenue, cost control, cashflow and customer base  all affect the viability of the Business and the long term service to the community.

We can help identify your ideal target audience and then help you develop plans to improve your financial position. 



How do you assess whether you are performing well? Do you assess? It is vital for motivation and momentum.  Outcomes such as Business Mission,  Business health and stability  are outcomes of plans and processes. We can help you improve outcomes  by clarifying the path forward as well as simplifying and automating business processes.

Personal enjoyment, energy and motivation is fundamental to long term viability of the leadership team as well as the Business. 

We can help identify what it will take to see greater enjoyment and fulfilment, more enthusiasm and motivation, which will result in greater creativity, innovation and fun.

High Level Change Implementation

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